What if you could ask a skilled tapping practitioner any question you wanted?

One of my favorite parts of the Mastering the Art of Delivery training that I ran back in August and September was the sessions that I ran after dinner on the first day. It was entitled “Ask Me Anything” (also known as an AMA).

The participants were given a chance to ask me anything. They could ask me about the content we covered. They could ask me about how I use tapping on issues they were struggling with. They could ask me about how I run my business. They could even ask me about how I manage my life day to day.

They could (and did) literally ask me about anything.

Then after the training, I ran three Q & A sessions for all the students. This was a chance for them to ask questions after they had the chance to try the techniques in their day to day life. In essence these also turned in the AMA.

The reasons I love these sorts of sessions so much are:

1) You can get any question you want answered about tapping
2) You learn so much from other people’s questions
3) You will feel more confident in your tapping ability after receiving the teaching, which means you will get more out of your tapping each time you do it

After doing these sessions a number of the students said they would love to continue to have access to me in the exact same way.

To that end I have created “Art of Delivery Monthly” so that you can have the same experience.

Here is how the sessions are going to be structured…

Every month the sessions will be structured in five parts.

First, I am going to start the sessions by teaching you a way that you can get more out of your tapping practice. Some sessions will be topic based (like resistance) other times it will be technique based (like how to apply NLP meta models to tapping).

Second, you will get the opportunity to try the technique out with the other’s in the group, so you can get a first hand experience of the concepts and tools.

Third, you will be given the opportunity to ask any question you have about the monthly teaching.

Fourth, you will have the opportunity to ask me anything about anything. It might be something that has come up recently in your tapping, questions about how I run and manage my business, or anything at all.

Finally, we will end each session with a Tapping Jam. A Tapping Jam is an opportunity for you to bring up any topic you like and we will tap for it.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Here are some of the details of how the process is going to work…

I am going to run the sessions twice each month on Zoom. There will be a session Tuesday evening at 8pm eastern and Sunday afternoon at 12 noon eastern. Most months these will happen the second full week of the month.

The content at the beginning of the sessions will be the same for both the Tuesday and Sunday sessions. Obviously the questions, the AMA, and the Tapping Jam will be different based on who in the group on that day.

You can attend either or both sessions each month.

You will receive an mp3 download of both sessions. This means that you can show up to one of the sessions, participate, ask your questions, and still learn from the questions and tapping requests from the other session.

This is your opportunity to deepen your knowledge about tapping and receive some first hand attention every month.

ALSO, if you are unable to make either session in a given month, you can submit your question ahead of time and I will answer it during the sessions. Meaning you will get your questions answered no matter what!

There are two ways in which you can sign up.

First, you can pay monthly. You will be charged $27/month and can cancel any time, no questions asked. Even after you cancel you will have access to the downloads of all the sessions that you had paid for.

Second, as part of the launch of the program I am offering a one time offer where you can pay for the full year for only $270. AND because the first one is going to happen in December you will get access to December 2020 and all 12 sessions in 2021.

That is a 30% savings, meaning that you are going to get access to 13 months for the price of 10!

Once we start doing the session the one time offer is going to go away.

I regularly have clients and practitioners pay $150 to have 30 minutes with me to ask me these types of questions. For only $27 you will have access to me for 90 minutes to ask whatever you want! AND you will get to do this every month!

You can sign up for the program here: https://tappingqanda.com/aod-monthly

If you have any questions about the program let me know.

I hope you join us every month as you improve your tapping skills,


PS: Imagine what it is going to be like to get your most pressing questions about tapping answered in person every month as well as learn a new tool or technique every month. Sign up now: https://tappingqanda.com/aod-monthly