Shhh! Special Offer

NOTE: This is a special early offer. Please do not share this link with anyone. I will be making this available to the general public no later than July 13th.

Super short version

I am doing my first live training in 9 years. Obviously because of the state of the world, it will be virtual. If you want to get more out of your tapping then aren’t going to want to miss it. (ALSO, if you live in Asia, New Zealand, and Australia, I’m doing something special just for you. Details below!)

Short versions

There is a huge difference between something being simple and something being easy.

Tapping is a perfect example of this phenomena. Tapping is simple to understand. So much so there have been countless times I have taught the basics to a total stranger in under 5 minutes with a simple drawing on a bar napkin.

Tapping is nothing more than tapping on the points plus tuning into the issue that you want to tap for.

Simple to understand…but that doesn’t mean it is always easy to have powerful results.

Your ability to get the most out of tapping comes down to how well you are able to tune into the issue at hand when tapping. This is what is referred to as the “art of delivery”.

As an example, recently I was working with a client who was dealing with a chronic hip-pain. It prevented her from walking more than 10 minutes at a time. We could have tapped on “This pain in my hip…this pain in my hip…” as we would in the basic recipe and would have provided some relief. Instead, I asked her three questions and we uncovered a toxic work relationship from twenty years earlier. As we tapped for that issue the pain disappeared.

That is the power of the art of delivery. Both approaches would provide relief, one is just much faster and much more powerful.

No matter how effective we are with tapping, we can always get better at the art of delivery. I use “we” in the previous sentence because I include myself

If you are satisfied with the level or results you are getting with tapping, you can stop reading now. On Thursday you will hear from me with another free resource.

If you are someone who wants to get more out of your tapping then read on…

Long Version

The training is called “Mastering the Art of Delivery” and I am going to teach you exactly how I approach tapping with clients and when I am tapping on my own for my issues.

Over the two day training this is going to be accomplished in five ways.

1) 20 Truths About Transformation and Healing – I am going to teach you exactly how I understand the healing and transformation process. When we understand how healing happens it makes it easier to facilitate healing. This also prevents you from wasting time heading in the wrong direction. One of the reasons I get results so quickly with my clients is I know the best place to start. Understanding these truths will give you the exact same ability.

2) The Really Kick Ass Technique – Two years ago I went through countless hours of old client sessions to listen to the work I was doing. I paid attention to what did and what didn’t work. I noted the tools and techniques I came back to again and again. Basically, I was dissecting my own art of delivery. I took the tools that I used over and over again to create a process that incorporates all these parts. I was struggling to give it a name. In my notes I have always just referred to it as the Really Kick Ass Technique (RKAT for short). I know it is a dumb name, but it describe what it is perfectly. Not only am I going to teach it to you, but I am teaching you why it works so you can use the whole technique or pick and choose the pieces that work best for you.

3) Masting Healing Vocabulary – My clients tell me all the time “Gene, those tapping phrases were perfect. You know me so well, it is like you are inside my head describing what is going perfectly.” This doesn’t happen by accident. The words that I choose when I am tapping are precise, because precision leads to deeper faster healing. But it isn’t just about the words I say when we are tapping. I am going to teach you what vocabulary I use when I am asking my clients questions, what words I listen for when they are describing their issues, and then what words to use while tapping. When you master healing vocabulary you are going to find the root causes of issues much faster and you are going to clear issues faster.

4) Lessons From The Healing Masters – Between the training I attend and the podcast interview I have done over the last decade I am constantly learning as much as I can to get better at the art of delivery. I am going to share a number of lessons that I have learned from my favorite practitioners, trainers, and masters. If you want to get better at a skill, it is essential to learn from those who have already mastered it. This is your chance to do exactly that. (Three of the lessons are brand new to me in the last nine months!)

5) Parts Work – Parts work by far is the single most powerful tool I have in my tapping tool box. Not only it is the most powerful, but it is the tool I use the most. In the training I am going to teach you three different versions of parts work. You will learn parts mediation, guided imagery, and inner child work. 80% of day two of the training is dedicated to these topics. If these were the only lessons of the training then the training would be worth it. Master this and you will be amazed at how much more powerful tapping can be. This is true if you are working with clients or tapping on your own.

Frequently Ask Questions? (AKA the nuts and bolts of the event)

How will the training be taught?
The information is going to be taught in three ways. First, I will teach you the concepts and techniques. Second, I will do a live demo of each technique. Third, you will be broken into small groups where you will get to try it out yourself. I find this learn-observe-experience model as the best way to learn a new skill.

How long is the training?
The training will take place over two days. On Saturday there will be 5 sessions (with a bonus session after dinner) and on Sunday there will be 4 sessions.

How large is the class?
I will be leading the training three weekends in a row. I am going to limit each weekend to only 21 people. This will insure you get personal attention and that you get a useful hands on experience.

What if I’m not a tapping practitioner? Will I find the training useful?
Unequivocally yes! Uncovering the root causes of our own issues can be hard because we are so close to our own issues. This will improve your personal tapping practice.

How do I participate?
The class will be done over Zoom. So you can join in from anywhere in the world!

What are the dates and time of the training?
One thing I have noticed about online training is that they are almost always scheduled at times that work best for people who live in the eastern time zones of North America. To make it easier for people all over the world to attend, each weekend is going to be at a different time.

The first weekend is geared towards the eastern half of North America and Europe. The second weekend is geared toward the western half of North America and east coast night owl. The third weekend is geared toward people living in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. (Yes, I am going to stay up all night two nights in a row so that you can participate!)

Regardless of where you live in the world, you can attend the weekend that works best for you. (Exact times are listed at the bottom.)

Aug 22 – 23 East coast USA/Europe
Aug 29 – 30 West coast – east coast night owl
Sept 5 – 6 Asia/Australia/NZ

Will the class be recorded?
Participants will receive both video and audio recordings of the weekend they participate in.

Will the recording be sold after the fact?
At some point this training will be sold as a stand alone digital product. I have no plans of selling the recording before the Spring of 2021.

Are there any bonuses?

Of course there are bonuses!

  • Recordings – As mentioned above, you will be provided video and mp3 recordings of the training so you can go back to the content again and again
  • PDFs – You will receive pdf copies of the sides from all the sessions and of my notes which I will be teaching from. This will be a great reference guide for you in the future
  • Bonus AMA Session – AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. After dinner on Saturday I am going to lead a session where you can ask me anything. You can ask about my work, how I run my business, how I would approach a particular client issue, or any topic all. The session will go until you are out of questions.
  • Follow Up Classes – One month after the training we will gather for 90 minutes to answer your follow up questions. This will give you a chance to try everything I am teaching you in your personal tapping work or with your clients. After having more experience with the tools you will come up with more questions. I will answer them all. I am going to do these follow ups three times to accommodate different time zones. (These follow up calls will also be recorded and you will receive the recordings of all three follow up calls.)
  • RKAT – In addition to the training and explanation that you are going to get over the weekend on RKAT you will also receive the RKAT manual, audio training, and workbook.

The BIG Questions: How much does the training cost?

This is the point where I am supposed to go on and on about the value of the training and how it is a bargain at twice the price. Instead of marketing mambo jumbo I am just going cut to the chase.

Registration for the event is is $997, but if you register before Aug 10th it is only $497.

What I can tell you for certain is:

  • You are going to learn what works from over a decade of first hand experience with clients
  • If you have listened to my podcast or read my articles you know everything is going to be taught in a step by step way so you can repeat the process and tools on your own
  • The way the training is structured you are going to try everything I teach in the class, This isn’t just ideas and concepts, it is first hand.
  • After every single session you will be able to name a new tool, technique, or approach that is going to improve your tapping result.

There are only 21 seats each weekend. This is not a marketing ploy to get you to rush to sign up. I can’t make the class any bigger because it will hurt the learning experience.

Don’t miss your chance and grab your seat now:

Money Back Guarantee
If the training isn’t right for you, I understand. If you let me know by the end of the lunch break on the first day that the training isn’t a good fit, I will give you a full refund. So you have nothing to lose!

If you have any questions you can hit reply to the email and I will get right back to you.

I can’t wait for you to join me,


PS: Here are the times for each of the three weekends. Regardless where you live in the world, you can sign up for any of the three weekends. The locations are just who it is geared toward.

Aug 22 – 23 – Eastern Time Zones North America and Europe

  • Eastern Time Zone: Saturday 9am – 5pm + Bonus AMA / Sunday 9am – 3:30pm
  • GMT: Saturday 2pm – 10pm + Bonus AMA / Sunday 2pm – 8:30pm

Aug 29 – 30 – Wester Time Zones North America and East Coast Night Owls

  • Pacific Time Zone: Saturday 9am – 5pm + Bonus AMA / Sunday 9am – 3:30pm
  • Eastern Time Zone: Saturday noon-8 pm + Bonus AMA / Sunday noon – 6:30pm

Sept 5 – 6 – Asia, Australia, and New Zealand

  • Hong Kong and Australian Western Time Zone: Saturday 8am – 4pm + Bonus AMA / Sunday 8am – 2:30pm
  • Australian Eastern Time Zone: Saturday 10am – 6pm + Bonus AMA / Sunday 10am – 4:30pm
  • New Zealand Standard Time: Saturday 12n – 8pm + Bonus AMA / Sunday 12n – 6:30pm